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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Beloved Minecraft.

WTF Excuse me but what is this?
I be poppin my thang down the road and BAM, creeps n erbdy on ma shit.

Sorry about that, in short, i had the smallest, of all mini helm's deep, palava in days, creepers just humping me into the floor like a tit.


  1. i swear i don't get that game, hehehe

  2. I think i dont either :L but i adore it.

  3. I was thinking that it would be amazing to have an Artificial Intelligence for this game.

  4. Arent the mobs AI? such as the wolves and pigs etc?
    But it would be awesome with other people running around on singleplayer.

  5. Have you seen the youtube video of this guy "minecrafting IRL"?
    That was hilarious, but it left me wondering more about what is the point of the game

  6. Could some one post some good gameplay video one that explains what you do in this game?

  7. I think its definitely something :D

  8. You start in the world with nothing, then you create a workbench out of wood, from there the possibilities are huge. Ranging from mansions to rollercosters, anyhting is possible.
    One guy made a 16 and 32 bit computer.