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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Electro Harmonix Memory Toy: 8/10

A new feature to this blog, that ill be attempting, is short pedal reviews!
I waste a tonne of money on guitar effects pedals. Its a beloved hobby of mine.

So here we are,

Electro Harmonix Memory Toy.

Paid around £75 from Amazon.

First of all, i have another Electro Harmonix pedal, the cathedrel stereo reverb. They are an incredibly inventive company. Taking mainstream ideas and putting their own twists to them.

Memory Toy is an analog delay effect. Its a reissue and remake of the early Memory Man from donkeys days ago.

3 knobs:

Blend - Blends the dry signal and wet signal
Delay - Changes the time between delays
Feedback - Number of repeats

1 switch:
Mod - Adds a chorus effect to the delay signal


Value - you get a fair deal for the price. Many units similar to this cost above £100. The only difference in these, are preference and slight sound quality.

Sound - Very warm, clean sound, fantastic for soundscape, shoegaze, ambience etc.

Size - Compact and leaves alot of room on the pedal board.

Mod - I do not have a problem, but each pedal is different because of the circuitry. Ive seen a minority of people with over powerful mod volume levels, which is easily altered with a screwdriver.

Feedback - The only thing i do not like about this pedal is that the self oscillation isnt loud enough. Turning the feedback to max just leaves a warm repeat which dies eventually. Compared to other delays where the oscillation is louder.


All in all, i enjoy this pedal immensely and would recommend it to any one who wants to either add a nice analog delay or wants to start out with a delay.

Electro Harmonix Memory Toy: 8/10


  1. Sounds awesome. Are there any Videos?

  2. I havnt got the equipment to record it. Which is just 90% of what music reviews are about :/ :P

  3. Looks like a nice pedal :D
    I've not really touched analogue in quite some time with the wealth of software effects and synths out nowadays, though. Nonetheless a great review!

  4. how now that is highly interesting technology. what i lovea about technology is that it constantly changes and represent the stage of our human life on earth

  5. Alot of people hype over how analog is better than digital, so i thought i get both pedal types. But none the less synths are awesome nowadays!

  6. I love these pedals, never owned one but always loved them. The Russian (?) versions are really cool as well, great big boxes!

  7. dont know much about pedals because im an acoustic player, but OMG THATS SUCH A CUTE SNORLAX!!!!!!

  8. My amplifier has 10 stompbox effects already included :P

    ...Although, they're all on a dial, so it doesn't have the convenience of a pedal. Then again, its really just a practice amp. Quite a nice feature, it was only $200 as well. Peavy Vypyr 30 iirc was the name.

  9. nice review. And I also like pokemon to the not snorlax.

  10. Ive got a 50watt amp, but it only has spring reverb built in. But i enjoy the individuality of pedals.

  11. Where from Amazon did you find this pedal? I am just curious to read their reviews.

  12. Here:

    Theres no reviews im afraid. But i checked all over youtube, this is a great video. I might start recording audio clips of pedals to make the reviews alot better.

  13. I buy lots of stuff from Amazon

  14. Excellent find, leave a review on amazon too.